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On Jammed Jets, Sardines Turn on One Another


Jad Mouawad and Martha C. White:

Some carriers are taking the smush to new heights.

Spirit Airlines, for instance, uses seats on some flights with the backrest permanently set back three inches. Call it, as Spirit does, “prereclined.”

The low-cost airline started installing the seats in 2010, squeezing passengers into an industry low of 28 inches. While the Airbus A320 typically accommodates 150 passengers in coach, Spirit can pack 178.

And that is a good thing, Spirit says.

Hard to think of another industry that is constantly and consistantly making the user experience so much worse. And the airlines have gotten so good at treating us like cattle that they’re now openly bragging about it.

Permanently Reclined seats seems like nothing but a good idea, firstly- noone can complain about your seat pushed back, secondly, you don’t have to unrecline for takeoff and landing, and thirdly, and most importantly, it makes the aircraft more efficient, moving more people for almost no increase in fuel costs.

  • 24 December 2013
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